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Mfield The Greatest, originally named Molenveld, located in the village of Twello, is an upcoming clothing concept that has arisen from the youth of this neighborhood. Despite everyone going their own way, this community still remains supportive of each other. It is known for togetherness, conviviality, and enduring difficult times together.

The culture in this neighborhood mainly reflects the 90s and sometimes the 80s, from which most of the youth originate. This is reflected not only in behavior but also in the appearance of the community. The taste of the community is often influenced by films like 'Blood In, Blood Out' or 'Boyz in the Hood', as well as music from artists ranging from James Brown to Notorious B.I.G.

Both the behavior and the appearance of the community radiate hospitality, with everyone welcome to drop in on each other. Music and shared meals play a significant role in the neighborhood's social life. And to this day, everyone is welcome at number 13.

CrewneckGREY GREEN MTG13.png

Technical drawings and concepts for collection 1.

Anything is still possible, and these are options for the brand. 

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